About Angels Neverland




I’m Tamera, owner of Angels Neverland (Custom Keepsake Treasures and Fabric) founded in 2016. When I was twelve, I decided to teach myself to sew a nine square quilt block pattern on my mom's antique Kenmore Machine. Through trial and error (and no internet back then) I mastered my techniques. I still have my mom’s beautiful machine and that first quilt, and they bring back treasured memories of my mom. In 2016 after making countless gifts through the years, I decided to branch out into selling my items on Etsy. I am a fabric hoarder at heart, so I began selling fabric; quickly evolving into a fabric shop. I love putting together quilt kits and quilt bundles because I get to play with all the colors! I invite you to stick around and explore all that is fun, floral and festive at Angels Neverland! Come see our newest collections!


My Mission is to inspire and touch lives, to give back to others while sharing the love of crafting. One percent (1%) of Dog Bandana Sales are donated to my local Humane Society. Five percent (5%) of Custom T-shirt Memory Quilt sales are donated to the Alzheimer's Association and Hospital Delirium Research in memory of my mom. 
One item that I am super excited about is my Custom T-Shirt Memory Quilt. The customer sends in 4 T-shirts and gets back a treasured memory of their loved one. The one I made for my mom’s friend brought her so much joy and comfort. The size allows for fast turnaround during a time of need, while still focusing on a quality product. Each one I make gets the same loving attention as my mom’s. It is a gift of hope to others in their time of sorrow.