We're here to help 🙂

I sent a chat message to you but I haven't heard back?

Sometimes those messages don't make it through and I never see them. I don't know why. If this is the case, please, reach out by email to HELP@angelsneverland.com

Can you help me place my order?  

Is this your first online purchase, or are you just struggling in some way to complete your order? 

Yes, I can help.  Please reach out by email and let me know what you want to purchase.  I can enter the order for you and send you an invoice link.  My goal is to get your started so in the future you can place your own orders.  

Color Matching

I always strive to provide the most accurate pictures of my fabric. Monitor color displays and digital photography can affect how fabric is presented online. Depending on your device and settings, colors may be slightly off. Please ask if you have questions.

Do you have any fabric for sale that isn't listed?  

Most likely, yes! I am always entering fabrics!  New fabrics, lost and found fabrics (there are hiding spots in my studio!), and staying on top of adding EVERYTHING is a job by itself.

I just lost my Shannon Fabrics supplier, Fabric.com, do you have any Shannon Fabrics?

I do!  I am adding more each week, and I have a GIANT STASH of 2 yard cuts of all kinds of cuddle (dimple, luxe, prints).  Please ask if you are searching for something specific.  You can find what is currently listed here, Shannon Fabrics

Why don't you accept returns?

PREORDER sales are FINAL. In the event that a manufacturer does not fulfill my fabric order--I will ALWAYS refund your money in full.
PREORDER sales cannot be canceled and refunded due to the nature of the process. These items have been special ordered for you with the payment you provided.

Please note if something is wrong I will ALWAYS fix it, but due to the nature of the business (cutting fabric into requested sizes), it is not possible to accept returns. So that I can provide each of my customers with THE BEST fabric (brand new and cut fresh from the bolt!), I am not able to accept returns on cut fabric.

Still unsure?