Collection: Bundled Cotton Fabric

Featuring fat quarter bundles, 1/2 yard bundles, and 1 yard bundles--many with a complementing panel.  Not sure what a Fat Quarter (FQ) cut is exactly?  We cut a 1/2 yard of fabric widthwise into 18" x 21" rectangles which makes a "fat quarter".  This gives you a larger piece of fabric to work with verses a 1/4 yard of fabric which measures 9" x WOF (43-45 typically).  Always read the description to see HOW MANY cuts of fabric are in the bundle as there is not a set amount to a "bundle".  At Angels Neverland we use coordinating quilt fabric out of a designer's collection for easy matching and coordinating.  We also curate our own bundles with mixed designers and call them "cut and curated" by Angels Neverland.  Take a look!

Bundled Cotton Fabric

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