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Discover a realm of creativity in our selection of sewing notions and patterns, a treasury of inspiration for your next project. Consider integrating fabrics from our luminous Glow in the Dark collection for a touch of magical illumination.  Looking for a fast, beginner friendly Quilt?  Check out Villa Rosa Pattern Cards marked as beginner.  Many of Villa Rosa's cards are beginner friendly; however, these linked pattern cards come direct from Villa Rosa's custom curated list of SUPER BEGINNER FRIENDLY Villa Rosa Quilt Cards:  They have:  "Only squares and/or rectangles, simple design with easy execution, no more than 2 different simple blocks per project, no more than 5 pieces in a single block, no sashing, and no borders required." - Tricia, Villa Rosa Designs  They are perfect when you are just starting out or if you are teaching someone to sew!  

Sewing Patterns & Notions

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